Department of Civil Engineering

Established in 2008, the DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING is a premier center of developing young, innovative and intellectual constructors. It offers a diploma course comprising of six semesters. It is one of the laudable departments in the polytechnic with skilled staffs and innovative students. It has excellent infrastructural facilities to cater to the needs of the student community.

Lab Infrastructure:

The department possesses excellent infrastructure including following laboratories.

Third Semester
Material Testing Lab – I
Surveying Practice – I
Computer Application Practical
Fourth Semester
Material Testing Lab –II
Surveying Practice – II
CAD in Civil Engineering Drawing – I
Fifth Semester
Construction Practice Lab
CAD in Civil Engineering Drawing – II
Communication and Life Skills Practical
Sixth Semester
Hydraulics and Plumbing Lab
Computer Applications in Civil Engg.
Project Work
  • The survey lab is well equipped with standard instruments like plane table, Level and Theodolite, total station and etc.,
  • The materials lab is well equipped for testing structural materials including steel, timber, concrete etc.
  • The hydraulics laboratory is equipped with flow measuring equipments like Orifices, Mouth pieces, Notches, Wires, Orifice meters, Venturimeter, Bernoullis Theorem Apparatus, Pitot Tube, Rotometer and Pipe Friction Apparatus.
Hydraulics and Plumbing Lab

Construction Lab Surveying Lab I & II

Material Testing Lab I & II CAD in Civil Engineering I & II