Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was started in year 2007. This department, flourishes in its Enthusiastic and Energetic Environment comprising 2 major fields Electrical & Electronics.

The syllabus framed by director of technical education is enhanced to comprehend the whole gamut of this fast changing field.

Keeping in mind the latest technology in this rapidly changing world, the department has updated, enhanced and reframed the syllabus. The department equips the students with advanced technology to cater to the requirements of industries.

Lab Infrastructure:

The department possesses excellent infrastructure including following laboratories.

Third Semester
Electrical Circuits and Machines Practical
EDC Practical
Work Shop Practical
Computer Application Practical
Fourth Semester
Electrical Machines and Instrumentation Practical
Integrated Circuits Practical
Communication and Life Skills Practical
Fifth Semester
Electrical Circuits and Simulation practical
Micro Controller Practical
Control of Electrical Machines Practical
Sixth Semester
Wiring and winding practical
CAD in Electrical Drawing
Project Work
EDC Lab Electrical Machines Lab

Microcontroller Lab Integrated Circuits Lab

Workshop CAED Lab