Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics is a branch of physics which deals with the movement of electrons. Nowadays, without communication no one can move in this world. This department was started in the year 2007. It comprises six semesters with practical. It includes project work. This department is successfully running with industry institute collaboration.

Lab Infrastructure:

The department possesses excellent infrastructure including following laboratories.

Third Semester
Electronic Devices and Circuits Practical
Electrical Circuits and Instrumentation
Programming in C Practical
Computer Application Practical
Fourth Semester
IE & CE Practical
Integrated Circuits Practical
Communication and Life Skills Practical
Fifth Semester
Advanced Communication Systems practical
Micro Controller Practical
VLSI Practical
Sixth Semester
Embedded Systems Practical
Computer Hardware and Network Practical
Simulation Practical
Project Work

Endowed with a good infrastructure, the department provides excellent learning and good lab facilities for a sound practical knowledge. The laboratory space has been doubled and has been upgraded with latest equipments. The lab consists of PIC microcontrollers, analog device processors and latest simulation tools such as MATLAB for student's usage.

Integrated Circuits Lab Industrial Electronics &
Communication Engineering Lab

Advanced Communication Systems Laboratory Microcontroller Laboratory

VLSI & Embedded Laboratory