Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering

The department of Computer Engineering was started in the year 2007. It comprises six semesters of theory and practicals. This is in addition to their industrial training and project works. The Students learn the basis of software engineering to Multimedia and its applications. The department is well equipped with 60 modern computer system connected over network, Complemented with a set of software that includes Oracle, Visual Basic, etc..

The Department Organizes industry-institution interaction at regular intervals by bringing several dignitaries from various IT companies. These seminars highlight on the growth of Software industry and also concentrate on the subjects in which a student must groom himself before entering this dynamic revolution.

Further, the department encourages the students to undergo practical in plant training programs, for them to acquire the real time practical knowledge and experience for various applications in today's computer world.


Mrs, S. MOHANA PRIYA            Head Of Department

Lab Infrastructure:

The department possesses excellent infrastructure including following laboratories.

Third Semester

  • Electrical & Electronics Practical
  • Linux Practical
  • C Programming Practical
  • Computer Application Practical

Fourth Semester

  • Java Programming Practical
  • Data Structures using C practical
  • Communication and Life Skills Practical

Fifth Semester

  • Web Programming practical
  • RDBMS Practical
  • .Net Programming Practical

Sixth Semester

  • Computer Servicing and Network Practical
  • System Administration Practical
  • Multimedia Systems Practical
  • Project Work and Entrepreneurship

Advanced-level Education requires Advanced Laboratory facilities and hence the department of Computer Engineering has features that includes Servers like Windows 2003,Red Hat Linux and Novel Netware Software that consists of MS-DOS, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, J2EE, Oracle 8i, Visual Studio 2008, Turbo C++, Blender and Hardware System that is made up of Pentium IV processor, 160 GB Hard disk, 1GB MB RAM, 512 KB Cache Memory, 2.4 GHz Speed, 3 1/2 Floppy Drive, DVD Drive, LCD Colour Monitor, Multimedia Key Board and Optical Mouse.