General Engineering

Department of General Engineering

The department is flourishing with colours with the qualified and devoted faculties. In the starting year 2007 the strength was 210 with only four branches. In June 2010 the intake strength raised to 420 members for six branches.

Lab Infrastructure:

  • The college has well equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry and computer with sufficient ventilations.
  • The labs provide accommodation for 40 students. In the chemistry lab apparatus, modernized PH meter individually to all the students.
  • The physics lab provides good opportunity to students to learn by doing experiments with all the needful apparatus like high resolution spectrometer digital physical balance advanced microscope etc.
  • Computer application lab has been established in July 2007 as per the K scheme. It enables the General engineering diploma student to learn the basics of computer.



Mrs. N. Sathya,

Head of Department